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Circuit Powerboat Racing is a water-based Motorsport where Powerboats are raced in sheltered or inland stretches of water, including lakes, rivers, docks and sheltered bays. International races and UIM championships are administered by the UIM on conjunction with the PBANI while National events In Ireland are overseen by the PBANI.

Many Circuit championships utilise variations on the catamaran style boat design, particularly the higher levels of the sport. In lower categories however, different designs are utilised which are determined by the class regulations. In these instances, traditional V hulls and inflatables are common and are the accepted way for younger pilots to gain experience and progress through to the more powerful catamarans.

To utilise the present Circuit Racing Fleet and to encourage new classes, the PBANI have set out a set of goals which will encourage new people into the sport whilst at the same time modernising the racing fleet and making Circuit racing accessible to all.


Within Offshore racing there are several classes, from Class 3 J to the Offshore Endurance Marathon Class. If you intend to get involved there is a class that will suit you and of course your budget.

The goal is that everyone should be able to have fun and enjoy the sport with friends, some you will have for life.

Offshore competitions are run on open waters and events can take can take several hours to complete,. A Challenge for both participants and boats. 

There must be two people in the boat, driver and navigator. The boats should be both fast and resistant to the conditions we find on our coastal waters. 

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Pleasure navigation is where it all begins, whether you wish to try your hand at been a Powerboat Racing Driver, or your interest is Classic Powerboats or Radio Controlled Boats.

'There is something for all ages and interests.

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Formula Future is the Competition Category where youths from as young as 8 take part in a boat handling competition.

Depending the age grouping which ranges from 8 to 18, the boat used is a rib fitted with either tiller or console control.

Each competitor has to manoeuvre around a pre set course without encoring penalties. Each run is also timed.

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If you enjoy Powerboating but do not wish to compete in Powerboat racing,  there are many activities you can partake in.

Powerboat & Rib Rallies are a great family days out where like minded people undertake a passage in a safe and enjoyable enviroment.

Some Rallies (adventures) are run on Inland watersways which are full of history and exciting things to do, in addition for those a little more adventurious rallies are run on Coastal waters where  man and boat  come together to see how challenging and beautiful our coastal waters can be.

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Historic Photos

A collection of photos from as early as 1895 showing just how rich the powerboat history of Ireland really is.

Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft use in Ireland is increasing, This section has some tips on Safety, Training and Racing. 

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