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3J - V Hull

A Junior Class which uses a V Hull fitted with the 60 Hp four stroke outboard

Crew - 2

The smallest Offshore class, but it is suitable for both young and mature adults.

Minimum age:

Driver - 16 years,

Navigator  - 13 years

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 01.22.09.png

3A - V Hull

Offshore starter class which uses a V Hull and a 115 HP Four stroke /EPA Outboard

Crew - 2

International single-hull class where the stepped hull is allowed. 

Minimum age:

Driver - 18 years,

Navigator  - 16 years

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UIM Offshore

The UIM have a number of Offshore classes

3A,3B, 3C,3D,3J,3X

In addition you can find Promotor Classes such as


P1 Superstock

Full details on 


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