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Candidates attending the Advanced Training course must have first attended the Basic Training course and completed the syllabus to the satisfaction of the instructor.

Direct entry to the Advanced training module may be possible if the applicant can prove past boating experience. This may require the applicant to take a short assessment examination before being accepted on the course.

The Advanced course is designed to provide an introduction into powerboat racing and to teach candidates how to get started in the sport and safely compete at club and national levels.

What to expect from this Advanced course

In the Basic Powerboat Training Course much of the emphasis was placed on introducing the candidate to basic water awareness skills.

In this advanced module the emphasis will be to improve your depth of knowledge in all areas but also to introduce you to the skills necessary to safely race at club and national levels.

All of the practical on water training will be done using suitable race training boats such as UIM P750 ThunderCat training boat UIM GT15 training boat, UIM Formula Future.

Short resume of key points covered in the Basic Training Course,

check ability and competence of those attending to demonstrate ability to safely start and stop the engine

To perform a series of basic boat handling manoeuvres including mooring along side, reversing and driving at speed around a pre set course.

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