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Competition Training ... Candidates attending the Competition Training must have satisfactorily completed the Advanced Powerboat Training. Direct entry to the Competition training module may be possible if the candidate has past powerboat racing experience. This may require the applicant to take a short assessment examination before being accepted on the course. On satisfactory completion of this course the candidate will be eligible to apply for a Provisional Powerboat Racing licence from their National Authority and to race in the Class in which they have been trained
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As the name suggests this course is designed to familiarise the applicant with the skills necessary to compete in powerboat racing at both National and International levels.

A strong emphasis will be placed on racing water awareness skills and safety and considerable time will be spent out on the water in simulated racing conditions.

All training in this course will be carried out in suitable UIM Race Training boats.

In addition to the on water training the theory sessions will consider the racing rules and trainees will be taught the importance of complying with the rules of the sport and working with race officials.

Short resume of key points covered in the Competition Powerboat Training course Theory revision To include the following key topics:

• An understanding of how to start racing, licences, medicals and required paperwork

• The roles and responsibilities of the race officials

• What is covered in race instructions

• To identify the principal safety equipment required

• What information is given at driver briefing

• How to prepare for scrutineering

• Race Flag meanings

• How to start a race from a jetty start

• Overtaking and Overlap procedures

• To identify the roles of the on water safety fleet Practical re assessment Following the revision of theory all candidates will be required to drive on in a suitable UIM Race Training boat around a course and to carry out a series of basic boat handling manoeuvres. The ability of all trainees will be assessed prior to being accepted on the competition course.

Particular attention will be given to the following:

• Mooring alongside and general boat handling ability

• Driving at speed around the race course, control of boat and water awareness skills

• Understanding racing lines and cornering in both left and right hand turns Summary of what will be covered in this Competition Training course

• A combination of theory and practical on water training however the:

• Emphasis will focus on training the candidate to race safely and competitively at National and International levels.

• Competition training will improve your racing techniques for club, national and international racing.

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