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UIM YDP Instructors

The UIM Youth Development Programme Propstars continues to expand and is now attracting world-wide interest.

The Propstars programme is designed to attract new drivers and officials into the sport.

YDP Instructors are trained to instruct in the following modules;





In addition to competitor training the programme also can be adapted to train new race officials, Officer of the Day, Safety Officer, Race Secretary etc. In all of the modules the activities will have to be controlled and this provides an ideal opportunity to introduce enthusiastic trainee competitors and officials to the sport.

So what does it take to be a UIM YDP Instructor:

1. A good UIM YDP Instructor must be passionate about our sport and want to help others to enjoy it.

2. Some knowledge of teaching is helpful but if you are truly passionate about your sport you will find the way to deliver the programme

3. Get your trainees out on the water as soon as possible, the class room stuff is important but on the water is where the action is.

4. Encourage your local best drivers/ pilots to get involved, this will help to inspire your trainees

5. This does not have to be expensive, use what boats and equipment you have.

6. Lastly and most importantly make it fun, if you are enjoying it so will your trainees.

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